October 18, 2022

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Introducing OpsVerse ONE – An IDP Based on Backstage


Developers have their go-to tools.

These can be tools like Prometheus (for metrics), Jira (for issue tracking), Tekton (for continuous integration), Snyk (for security) and hundreds of more spanning countless use cases.

At OpsVerse, we pride ourselves on taking some of your favorite open source tools and bringing their usability straight to your fingertips – with no worries on how to manage them. For example, with ObserveNow you get a complete observability stack based on Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, VictoriaMetrics, Grafana and others working seamlessly together. With DeployNow, you get Argo Rollouts and Argo CD coming together to manage your cloud-native continuous delivery pipeline.

This power of choice is why we are proud to announce general availability of OpsVerse ONE – an internal developer platform (IDP) based on Backstage, the CNCF-incubating open source project.

What is an IDP?

An internal developer platform (IDP) enables an Engineering organization to continuously empower its developers. Also sometimes called a “dev portal” or “development platform” (whichever semantic you choose), an IDP generally brings together the following in a unified, cohesive interface:

    • Third-party developer tools
    • Internal tools (e.g., for self-service or reporting)
    • Cataloging of the organization’s apps and services
    • Specifications and documentation

And Why Backstage?

Backstage is too rich to cover in this blog post. We’ll dedicate future posts to get into the nitty-gritty of what Backstage has to offer (we promise!).

The long and the short of it is its plugin-based ecosystem. Anyone is free to create their own plugin (they just need to know a bit of TypeScript), which can then be added to the Backstage deployment. Backstage, though a single-page application, is then just a composition of these plugins – making it easy to add integrations to your portal.

This is why we, OpsVerse, are so attracted to Backstage. We already allow our users to launch and use some of their favorite tools

  • ObserveNow brings together some of the most popular open source observability projects into a holistic solution for your monitoring needs
  • DeployNow is a fully managed Argo for continuous delivery and advanced deployments

By bringing OpsVerse ONE powered by Backstage, we can present our customers and users with a portal which has those (and more) already built-in – via the plugins we create!

Getting Started With DeployNow

    1. Log into your admin console and select the ONE card
    2. Click on the Launch New
      button. Select a cluster where you want to launch (remember, if you have your own Private SaaS cluster registered with us, it should show there) > Fill in a unique name for your DeployNow instance > Click Launch
    3. Allow a couple minutes for the launch to complete, and you should be presented with a screen with the URL to your fresh dev portal (you can click on “Config” for any customization)
    4. If you already have an ObserveNow or DeployNow instance, those plugins will be enabled on your portal

Whats Next?

      • This is early access – we’ll publish the configurable options and integrations available
      • We’ll have posts on Backstage tips and tricks
      • Visit our booth at KubeCon North America 2022 in Detroit (October 24 – 28) to learn more about this release and to get a demo
      • Come meet us at booth SU19.

Written by Satbir Chahal

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