Your observability stack
in minutes in any cloud or region at fraction of the cost built to scale

Open source based observability stack featuring logs, traces and metrics – all under one roof

DevOps Observability Tools

Observe any stack at scale

Observe any cloud infrastructure, VM, bare-metal servers, databases, or lambda functions with ObserveNow’s integrations available out of the box. Start observing at scale within minutes.

Open source and open standards

Open standards and best-in-class open source tools combine to  enable enhanced portability, zero vendor lock-in, and no new commercial tools for you to learn. Enhance the developer and engineering experiences with tools the they love.

Keep your data within your cloud

Concerned about data compliance requirements or sensitive data in logs leaving your network? Deploy ObserveNow as Private SaaS to meet strict data compliance requirements without compromising observability.

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Ready in minutes

ObserveNow is ready with all the configurations, integrations, alerts and dashboards you need within minutes. A fully-managed solution means your engineers can focus on other critical tasks.

ObserveNow Observability
DevOps Observability Tools

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

Detect and resolve issues before your customers are impacted. With pre-packaged alerts, anomaly detection, and workflow based auto remediation, reduce your MTTD and MTTR below 5 minutes. Achieve elite performer classification on a DORA scale.

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