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Deploy and run fully managed, open source based tools on any cloud or as Private SaaS.

Fully Managed & Open Source Based DevOps Tools Platform

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Deploy enterprise-grade tools within 5 minutes to any cloud via OpsVerse’s control plane


Run DevOps tools in our cloud or within any public cloud in any region. Zero resources reqiured

Private SaaS


Meet compliance and data residency requirements while ensuring no data leaves your network by running tools as Private SaaS


Open standards and best-in-class open source tools meet robust industry practices – ensuring portability, zero vendor lock-in, and no new commercial tools to learn


Run DevOps tools with significantly low TCO. and no dedicated resources on your end. Optimize data with data compression and data filtering


Maximize the value of every dollar you spend. Enjoy simple and predictable pricing that includes all the features you need up front. No surprises

Fully-managed DevOps tools

Open source-based DevOps tools, in any cloud, any region. Deploy and start using in minutes

Private SaaS

The goodness of SaaS within your network or cloud

Fully-managed: OpsVerse takes care of deployment, configuration, reliability, security, DR and upgrades, so you don’t have to

Data residency and governance: Since data lives within your network perimeter, you have control over where to keep the data and how long to retain it.

Compliance: Achieving compliance standards like SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR is much easier when data is your governaned by you

Data transfer costs: For tools dealing with a lot of data (like log management and data pipelines), Private SaaS can eliminate significant data transfer costs.

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Articles and News

Using Prometheus Blackbox Exporter to Monitor URL Endpoints​

Using Prometheus Blackbox Exporter to Monitor URL Endpoints​

There are several popular open source observability tools out there which can be used to build observability stacks to help with the convenient alerting and monitoring of several components in a cloud-based architecture. Prometheus blackbox exporter can be used to gain visibility into components that cannot usually be accessed from within the infrastructure.

Frontend Monitoring with OpsVerse ObserveNow

Frontend Monitoring with OpsVerse ObserveNow

Frontend monitoring allows you to instrument your frontend applications with just a few lines of code, while also providing the flexibility to build up more complex observability use-cases. And once you instrument your application, all your application logs, metrics, and traces are sent as part of the same instrumentation stack that your backend code is integrated with, allowing you to observe, monitor, alert, and debug your entire service stack, from end-to-end, through a single, configurable view!

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