Meet Aiden,

your DevOps copilot

that can:

  • Proactively detect issues and resolve them
  • Perform AI-guided CI/CD
  • Interpret alerts for you
  • Answer all of your DevOps questions
DevOps Copilot

Issue detection and resolution

  • Constantly learns more about your infrastructure and app configurations
  • Provides real-time alerts on drifts, compliance issues, and other potential problems
  • Delivers actionable insights for complex issues
  • Generates automated fixes and workflow triggers

AI-guided Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Creates efficient, adaptable CI/CD pipelines based on project requirements
  • Intelligently monitors your codebase, updates pipelines, and ensures high-quality deployments
  • Automatically rolls back problematic deployments

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DevOps for everyone

  • Aiden answers DevOps questions in natural language
  • It uses a simple interface to work in toolchains
  • It performs DevOps tasks with any tool
  • It reduces bottlenecks caused by heavy dependencies on engineering teams
DevOps Copilot - AI Powered

Secure and private by design

  • Deployed within your network or cloud as Private SaaS
  • No app-specific data ever leaves your network
  • Trained on app-specific, in-network data to provide accurate and relevant suggestions

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