Introducing OpsVerse ONE – An IDP Based on Backstage

An internal developer platform (IDP) enables an Engineering organization to continuously empower its developers. Also sometimes called a “dev portal” or “development platform” (whichever semantic you choose), an IDP generally brings together a unified, cohesive interface for developer and internal tools, micro services catalog and documentation

OpsVerse Growth a Reflection of Community Trends

We started OpsVerse as a way to enable DevOps, Platform, and Software Engineers to focus primarily on their business logic and needs by freeing up the time they’d otherwise spend on implementing, managing, and scaling complex tooling pipelines.

Last week, we announced that we’ve seen significant growth in adoption of OpsVerse’s tools platform.

What is Private SaaS?

Private SaaS is a variation of SaaS where the provider runs the software within the customer’s network but takes the responsibility for managing and securing it. The provider’s Private-SaaS framework takes care of reliability, availability, upgrades and Day 2 operations. The private SaaS mode splits the control plane and the data plane, allowing customer data to remain within their network.

OpsVerse – The beginning

The software delivery pipeline is the backbone of any software engineering organization. It includes the tools to build, test, deploy, and monitor applications. Today, however, there is no single tool in the market available to help manage this pipeline end to end. Instead, a company must rely on its DevOps teams to build and manage one. OpsVerse was born from the need for this top layer available out of the box and deployed in minutes