December 16, 2022

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Frontend Monitoring with OpsVerse ObserveNow


Observability tries to answer the question “How is my system functioning right now?”.

And while there are quite a few tools and services that help answer that question for server-side code, it’s much harder to get the same level of visibility into logs, traces, and metrics for a front-end heavy web-application. Most solutions to this problem involve a lot of configuration, setting up of a separate data collection stack, and jumping hoops to be able to relate data from your frontend to those from your backend. At OpsVerse, keeping in line with our core philosophy of “No more DIY DevOps”, we’re happy to present out our latest offering to solve this pain point: Web Application Observability, which is now available as part of OpsVerse ObserveNow.

Web Application Observability allows you to instrument your frontend applications with just a few lines of code, while also providing the flexibility to build up more complex observability use-cases. And once you instrument your application, all your application logs, metrics, and traces are sent as part of the same instrumentation stack that your backend code is integrated with, allowing you to observe, monitor, alert, and debug your entire service stack, from end-to-end, through a single, configurable view!.

From making your frontend logs and errors queryable, to monitoring statistics of your frontend application, to observing how long user actions take and why, to creating in-depth analytics-driven panels for identifying hotspots and inefficiencies in your codebase, we can guarantee that Web Application Observability will quickly become an indispensable tool for all your frontend observability needs, as part of the Swiss Army Knife of observability platforms, ObserveNow.

ObserveNow Web Application Observability supports Grafana Faro SDK out of the box, so irrespective of whether your frontend application is written in React, Svelte, Vue or Angular, instrumenting your application for Web Application Observability is a piece of cake.

Head over to OpsVerse, and get started observing your systems now! More details available on our doc site here.


Written by Navin Pai

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