August 18, 2022

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OpsVerse Growth a Reflection of Community Trends


Last week, we announced that we’ve seen significant growth in adoption of OpsVerse’s tools platform.

We started OpsVerse as a way to enable DevOps, Platform, and Software Engineers to focus primarily on their business logic and needs by freeing up the time they’d otherwise spend on implementing, managing, and scaling complex tooling pipelines.

How we got here

We feel this growth is validation of our commitment to open source and best-of-breed tools as an alternative to locking in to proprietary backend vendors. This allows engineers to use tools they’re already familiar with and learn tools that they may use on their own or other ventures.

It’s what we like to call the sweet spot between build vs. buy; there’s no vendor lock-in with the familiarity and flexibility of open source software.

In this blog, we want to outline how we got here.

New tools and capabilities

When we started, we launched ObserveNow, our observability stack. Since then, we’ve expanded that offering and also launched additional products as we strive to make DevOps a No Ops:

  • ObserveNow – Metrics, logs, traces with the same great tools but with the addition of anomaly detection, APM, and hundreds of seamless integrations via the power of supported and community exporters.
  • DeployNow – Managed ArgoCD that can be deployed within a customer’s network or as SaaS; a comprehensive Continuous Delivery (CD) tool with modern deployment strategies
  • ONE – An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) based on providing a 360-degree view of the pipeline and a comprehensive microservices catalog to provide greater developer autonomy and improve operational efficiencies

Truly Run Anywhere

A tagline we pride ourselves on is “run anywhere”. By being cloud agnostic, not only do we enable our users to avoid vendor lock-in with their tooling, but also enable them to switch clouds and regions as they see fit. Additionally, this enables our customers to handle data residency, governance and compliance requirements

  • Our platform is certified to run on all three major public cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure). Today, our platform runs and manages DevOps tools in cloud regions across the world including regions in US East, US West, Europe, India, Singapore and the Middle East.

Private SaaS

OpsVerse’s Private SaaS framework enables our customers to run our tools inside their network/cloud account. During the last few quarters, we solidified our Private SaaS framework to be more reliable and secure. Today, more than 50% of our customers take advantage of this deployment model to run DevOps tools in a secure and compliant manner within their cloud account.

DevOps community

We launched a Slack based community to bring together DevOps and platform engineers and to foster discussions and exchange of thoughts around cloud native DevOps tools. This community has seen a 4x growth in membership in the last 4 months.

DevOps Tools @Scale

Our platform is designed to run DevOps tools at scale. The webservers we run handle more than 1.25 Billion transactions a month and our telemetry databases manage more than 2.5 Trillion data points.

Looking Ahead

We are just getting started. None of this would have been possible without the constant feedback loop between our users, community, and supporters. The OpsVerse team is beyond excited to bring this platform to a wide range of customers in the coming months and quarters.

If you would like to try out OpsVerse tools, free trials are available here.


Written by Satbir Chahal

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