OpsVerse – Fully managed DevOps tools. Deploy anywhere and start using in minutes Nikhil Ravindran January 10, 2023

Radically Simplify Your DevOps with fully managed tools

Deploy and run fully managed, open source based tools from OpsVerse as Private SaaS or on any cloud.

Deploy in any cloud in minutes

Say hello to Aiden!

Your DevOps Copilot that can process natural language queries, answer all of your DevOps questions, proactively detect issues and resolve them, and more

Private SaaS

Goodness of SaaS within your network or cloud

Run DevOps tools without data ever leaving your network

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Fully managed DevOps Tools

Open source based DevOps tools, in your cloud or any cloud or region. Deploy and start using in minutes

OpsVerse ONE

Get a full 360-degree view of your pipeline, with OpsVerse ONE, a DevPortal based on Backstage


Suite of open source observability tools bringing together metrics, logs, distributed traces and APM under one platform

Managed ArgoCD

Fully managed ArgoCD with enterprise features like RBAC and SSO, deployed in any cloud or within your network as Private SaaS

Managed PostHog

Managed PostHog in any region, cloud or within your network

Trusted by industry leaders

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Why our customers choose us?

Running tools reliably and securely is only half the battle. Our tools are pre-packaged with key configurations, templates and integrations that your engineers can work with right away.

Run entire toolchains or specific sets in our cloud, your cloud, or both. With OpsVerse’s private SaaS framework, anyone can achieve enhanced data residency, governance and audit controls without spending additional engineering resources. 

Across licensing, downtime, engineering, and data transmission, your costs can dramatically impact your ability to scale. Reduce your total cost of ownership of DevOps tools by up to 50% using the OpsVerse platform.


Open standards and best-in-class open source tools meet robust industry practices – enabling enhanced portability, zero vendor lock-in, and no new commercial tools to learn.


OpsVerse is a CNCF contributor and member.

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OPSVERSE is a proud CNCF member and contributor