Predictable and simple pricing. Scale without hidden pricing shocks.

Deploy and start using internal developer platform based on in minutes. 

Run and use fully managed Deployment tool based on ArgoCD complete with Argo Rollouts, SSO and RBAC with DeployNow.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Private SaaS deployment?

When deployed as a Private SaaS, OpsVerse tools are run on a cluster within your cloud or a data center. As opposed to traditional OnPrem/self hosted solutions, OpsVerse Private SaaS deployment is fully managed by OpsVerse using our patent pending technology. Private SaaS provides our customers with all the goodness of a SaaS and with data residency option to keep all the telemetry data within customer’s network.

Are there any additional fees for Pro or Enterprise Tiers?

There are absolutely no additional fees for Pro and Enterprise Tiers. You pay based on the average number of apps you run on an hourly basis.

Are there minimum commitments?

Yes, there are minimum commitments required for some plans. Such plans include a corresponding amount of apps under management.

How do you charge for overages?

Apps under management is computed based on the average number of apps run/hour/month. If the average number is higher than the committed amount, additional apps under management is charged at the price indicated for each tier.

Can I change my commitment during the middle of a subscription period?

Yes, if you see your average apps under management going up, you can upgrade to higher commitment during a subscription period. You cannot reduce from the minimum commitment during a subscription period. You can reduce at the end of a subscription period.

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