Frontend Application Monitoring

Enhance your web application performance with ObserveNow’s powerful frontend monitoring capabilities. Monitor frontend logs, metrics and traces for a seamless user experience.

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Effortless Instrumentation

With just a few lines of code, Observenow allows you to effortlessly instrument your frontend applications. Identify and resolve front-end performance issues with ease in real-time.

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Unified Stack Integration

ObserveNow seamlessly integrates frontend logs, metrics, and traces into the same unified stack as your backend code, allowing you a holistic view of your entire application.

DevOps Observability Tools

Simplified Debugging

ObserveNow turns frontend logs and errors into easily queryable data, simplifying the debugging process and expediting issue resolution. You can now navigate through intricate datasets effortlessly and address frontend issues with precision.

Support for Major Frontend Frameworks

Whether your frontend application is built with React, Svelte, Vue, or Angular, Observenow supports them all. Ensure a hassle-free instrumentation process with the out-of-the-box compatibility with Grafana Faro SDK.

ObserveNow Observability

Keep your data within your cloud

Concerned about data compliance requirements or sensitive data in logs leaving your network? Deploy ObserveNow as Private SaaS to meet strict data compliance requirements without compromising observability.

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