Managed Argo – in your network, any cloud or region Nikhil Ravindran July 22, 2022

Fully managed ArgoCD within minutes

Deploying and managing a continuous deployment system is not easy. With fully managed Argo from OpsVerse, deploy in any cloud, region or within your network and start using within minutes.

How it works

One click deploy

Select target deployment cloud and deploy

Configure repos

Configure your repos and target clusters

Start using

Start using your continuous deployment powered by ArgoCD

Adopt GitOps for Kubernetes in minutes with fully managed Argo
  • Deploy and use within minutes
  • Enterprise grade ArgoCD features such as RBAC and SSO support
  • Run in your region (EU, APAC, Americas, MENA)
  • Advanced deployments like Blue-Green and Canary
  • Run in your network or cloud as Private SaaS - Fully managed
  • Start as low as $79/month

Get access to fully managed ArgoCD for 45 days absolutely free.

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